ShipActive Video Resources

Our videos will help you get started with ShipActive Analytics and guide you on using our important features. Whether you're looking for a step-by-step tutorial or a quick how-to video, you're in the right place.

Gettings started ShipActive

Register as a new user with few steps.

Woocommerce Account Setup

Setup your WooCommerce account with ShipActive

Manage Listing

How to Manage Listing

Import Product

Import bulk products from spreadsheet.

Quick PO

Create quick purchase order.

Check Inventory

Check your current stocks for each branches.

Import Order

Import manual order from spreadsheet.

Combine Orders

Combine multiple orders into one.

Create Manual Order

Create manual order to ShipActive.

Void Label

Void shipment.


Item reshipment

Batch Shipment

Process shipments through batch.

FedEx Account Setup

Setup your FedEx account with ShipActive

Label Print Setup

Configure your shipment label.

Manage Listing

How to Manage Listings


Create kit product.

Create PO

Create purchase order.

Split Order

Split order into multiple order.

Export Orders

Export your orders to spreadsheet.

Create Label

Process your order for shipment.

Cancel Order

Cancel any order.

Create Reurns

Return request from ShipActive

Reprint Label

Re-print your label.